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Best Marketing Tools and Top Techniques in 2022
June 24, 2022

Some say there are too many options available for consumers today. The internet is saturated with millions of businesses. There are thousands that are often offering the same products and services you are. This is why it is essential that you understand the best marketing tools and techniques. This way, your business can thrive and rise above the rest!

Luckily, AppURL is here to help. 

To best utilize 2022’s most successful marketing tools and techniques, it’s vital to learn about these four strategies: 

  • Social media tools
  • Design tools
  • SEO tools
  • Automation tools

Within each of these categories are dozens of tools to optimize your online marketing strategy. We are going to review each one of them today. Afterward, you can better understand what the tools are and how to use them. 

What Are Marketing Tools?

Later we will dig into the best marketing tools and techniques of 2022. You need to understand first what marketing tools actually are. Moreover, and even more importantly, what they can do for your business. 

Marketing tools are absolutely necessary for a successful business. These tools can take your marketing ideas and make them a reality through tried and true tactics. Each year, these solutions change form as factors such as technology and consumer needs are constantly evolving. 

In order to create the best possible marketing strategy for your business, you have to learn the tools and techniques recommended by experts for the current climate. 

Here at AppURL, we have experts working day in and day out to be able to provide you with all the information you need to succeed.

Types of Marketing Tools

It’s time to discuss the current marketing tools and techniques that will enhance your business through either site visits, audience engagement, customer purchases, or even all of the above! 

Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media is not new, however, social media influence is growing every day. No matter who your desired audience is, we can ensure they are using social media on a daily basis, and has proven to be a convenient and easy way to communicate with them. 

These days, there is no shortage of apps and programs that allow you to easily and successfully manage social media to market your business or brand. Before we go through each of these options, let’s first discuss the many uses of social media marketing, and what you should look for when utilizing a tool.

  • An all-encompassing platform to access all of your accounts. Cohesion is key, and it will make your life a whole lot easier if you can use one of these apps to control all of your social media accounts. 
  • Team collaboration. Many apps offer your marketing team the same access, so your employees, volunteers, or team members can sign in and work together.
  • Analytics. Many great social media tools hold all the important information in one convenient location, including tracking and analytics so you can keep an eye on user behavior.
  • Post management. As you are about to learn, customers respond well to regularly scheduled posts. You can use these programs to create a schedule and keep your audience happy and engaged. 

Now that you know what these programs can offer and how they will help enhance your business, let’s take a look at some of our favorite apps that feature all of these important aspects of a great marketing tool: 

As important as social media strategy is, it’s only one part of the puzzle. There are three other strategies containing tools and techniques you need to understand to be successful. 

Design Tools

What does a “good” website look like? It should come as no surprise that your website needs to present well if you want to keep your customers engaged and returning. A well-constructed and properly designed website is cohesive in style and easily navigated by your intended audience. It has simplified, optimized information, a clean design, and immediately reflects your brand voice and mission. 

Listed above are a few of our favorite design programs and tools to enhance your online marketing strategy. It should be noted that online design software programs like Adobe, for example, require previous experience or training to successfully utilize them. 

SEO Tools

SEO or search engine optimization is a well-known tool in the marketing world, and it’s becoming more and more important by the day. Google changes its algorithms constantly, and if you want to get to and stay at the top of the search pages, your site needs to adhere to the necessary SEO qualifications. 

Keywords, internal links, snippets, URL quick links, and quality content are all essential aspects to a successful website. In order to ensure your site adheres to these many necessities, you can use one of these convenient platforms:

These programs can provide valuable data to analyze your site’s performance as well as create a website with optimal SEO content. 

Automation Tools

Automation tools are meant to make your life as a marketing strategist as easy as can be. Using programs such as the many options listed in the previous sections to create a social media, email, and even SMS messaging schedule will help keep your customers clicking on your page without you having to lift a finger. 

Welcome, surveys, reminder emails, and messages that follow a detailed schedule are an incredibly easy way to ensure your targeted audience is consistently reminded of what your business has to offer. And the best part is, that they will be automatically sent via a preprogrammed schedule so the planning is minimal.

Work Smarter

Each of these marketing strategies includes tools and techniques that will help your business grow! We all know that at this point, a successful company can only last so long without growth, and it is essential that you continue to adjust your marketing strategy to keep up with the ever-changing technology and needs of the modern customer. 

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