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Unlock powerful features with the AppURL custom, smart URL tool

Create smart links in just seconds with our URL shortener. With powerful features like app deep linking, website deep linking, customizable link previews, analytics data, QR generator, and SMS messaging, your smart URL will make sharing and tracking easy.

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Why AppURL?
Smart URLs for deep linking. Simplify and convert.

Simplify your link sharing process. Invite users to download your app with one tiny link for any device. Automatically send users to the correct app store. Watch your conversions go up!

Skip the messy links. Direct users exactly where you want them.
Better link management through custom link previews.
Promote sharing and engagement with powerful features.
Boost conversions as users get a simpler, faster experience.
No technical implementation required.


Create smart links. Instantly unlock the marketing power you need.

Deep Linking
Go deep! Point your users to any landing page with our smart URL generator. Skip your website or app’s home page and take your traffic right where you want them, even if the app isn’t installed. Try it now.
Custom Smart Link Previews
Make marketing sales, promotions or new content a breeze with the ability to customize the image, header and description of the link preview for your landing page without making changes to your website.
Instant Redirects
Boost your conversion rate with fast and secure redirection. AppURL redirects users to their final destination in just seconds no matter what device they have.
Integrate Google Analytics
Access real-time data on the performance of your promotions – and set yourself up for SEO success – by connecting AppURL to your Google Analytics account. This easy integration makes using UTM parameters a breeze and give the insight you need into your marketing’s KPIs.
SMS Add-On
Enable the ClickSend and allow users to text themselves a link to your app while they are away from their phone.
More Benefits
Our Smart Link Tool Gives You a Competitive Edge

Fast Redirects
Customizable Link Previews
Advanced Logic
Google Analytics and Text Messaging Add-ons

Fast Redirects

Redirect your traffic fast, customize the description in your smart link previews, and open up unlimited marketing content opportunities.

Customizable Link Previews

Customize your title and image preview to match your marketing campaigns without having to change anything on your website.

Advanced Logic

Take your users to the appropriate app store, even if you don’t know what kind of device they have. Our advanced logic creates a smart URL that determines their device for you.

Google Analytics and Text Messaging Add-ons

Integrate with your Google Analytics account to enable the smart link data connection and access real-time performance tracking. Enable ClickSend and allow users to send an SMS text message to themselves with your smart URL if they are away from their phone.

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