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What is a tiny URL?

It is a short link that redirects to a longer URL.

What is a url redirect?

URL redirection occurs when you click one link and it takes you to the website or app page of another link.

What is a smart URL?

It is a link that sends visitors to a specific landing page, not just the home page.

What is a URL shortener?

It is a service that takes a long link and creates a new URL that has fewer characters.

How long should a url be?

The maximum length of a shortened URLs is 22 characters, with the root having a maximum of 6 characters. It can contain numbers and letters.

What is a smart URL shortener?

AppURL is a smart URL shortener. It applies advanced logic like deep linking, mobile deep linking, and deferred deep linking to shortened URLs.

How many characters will an AppURL link be?

An AppURL shortened link will have around 22 characters.

What is a Fallback URL?

This is the link that you want the user to be redirected to if they do not have an app installed. Just enter the link to the app in each app store. AppURL’s advanced logic will determine the type of device the user has and take them to the appropriate app store to install the app. Once the app is installed, they will be directed to your content.


Deep Linking

What is deep linking?

Using a link that takes users to a specific page within a website that is not the website’s home page.

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What is app deep linking?

App deep linking, also referred to as mobile deep linking, is using a link that takes a user into a specific location within an app instead of simply opening the homepage of the app.

How does deep linking work?

Deep links for app content routes a user to the content even if the app is not installed on their device. The link will first route the user to the appropriate app store to install the app, then redirects the user to the content from the link upon launching the app.

What is deferred deep linking?

Deferred deep linking is an aspect of mobile deep linking. It allows deep linking to content within an app that has not yet been installed. The connection to the deep link is “deferred” until the app is installed. Once the app has been installed, the deep link connects the user to the appropriate content.

What is a deep link URL?

This is a link to the specific content you want visitors to go to when they click your AppURL link.


AppURL for Your Business

What can the AppURL smart URL shortener do?

The AppURL smart URL shortener is a very powerful tool for marketing, branding, rebranding, A/B testing, and creating multiple URLs for channel segregation. Unlike other smart URL shorteners, AppURL also lets you change the title and preview image of your shortened link. Create custom marketing campaigns without having to change the title and preview image of your website or app.

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How does AppURL help me promote my app?

When you create a deep link for your app, users that click your link will be taken to the appropriate content within the app. If the user doesn’t have the app already, it takes them to the correct app store based on their device so they can download it.

Why should I use the AppURL smart URL shortener?

To save characters, create deferred deep links, create custom and trackable digital marketing campaigns, and increase conversions.

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Can AppURL create deferred deep links for any device?

Yes! With AppURL you can create deep links for users that have iPhones, iPads, Androids, and Windows Mobile phones.

How does text messaging work with AppURL?

You can share your link via SMS text message. When you enable an add-on like ClickSend on your website, users can enter their phone number to get an AppURL link sent to their phone. This is great for people who visit your site on one device, but want to access your link from their phone.

What kind of analytics and reports will I get?

You can integrate your AppURL link with your existing Google Analytics account to access to all of the analytic data that Google Analytics provides.


QR Codes

What are QR Codes?

QR codes, or Quick Responses, are two-dimensional, machine-readable codes. They typically contain Black and White squares and store URLs or other information. When scanned, the pattern on the barcode will translate into human-readable data within seconds.

How do QR Codes Work?

When you hover the camera on your digital device, like a smartphone or tablet, over a QR code, it will decipher the information and result in an action. Typically this action will be to prompt a user to click on the URL that the QR code points to. 

What are QR Codes Used for?

QR codes are used for storing information like URLs that can take a user to landing pages, social media profiles, and more. Post-pandemic, we’ve seen QR codes appear frequently in restaurants as a scannable menu, but they can also be used for business cards, brochures, and in any other situation that may require a swift and easy way to get users to a desired web location. 

How do I Generate a QR Code?

You can generate a QR code by visiting AppURL and using the QR code feature by simply entering the URL you’d like to point to and click “Save and Create!”


Explore More for Your Business

What is the “Android Package”?

The android package is very easy to find. It is the ID from your google play listing.

Example: “”

Package: “com.innersloth.spacemafia”

What is the “Android Scheme”?

The android scheme can be a little more difficult and not all apps have them. Generally speaking you would be looking for something like this:

<data android:scheme=”http” android:host=”” android:pathPrefix=”/gizmos” />

In your AndroidManifest.xml usually located in the “app/src/main/“ folder. Specifically look for “android:scheme” in this case “http” would be your scheme.

More information can be found here:

If you are having trouble finding your Android Scheme, drop us a note at [email protected] and we will try to help you track it down.


About AppURL

How did AppURL get started?

AppURL started out as a side project. It grew over time to millions of amazing users and clients just like you that were looking for a simple way to make it easy for their customers to download and install their apps.

What makes AppURL different?

It is a huge step of trust when someone decides to install your app or visit your website. AppURL makes the process of conversion incredibly easy by reducing the cognitive load of app installation. It can detect the user’s device, eliminating the need for them to manually open the appropriate app store, search for your brand and find the right button to click to download.  With AppURL, your customers click one link and they are either in your app, on your website or downloading. It’s that easy.

I still have questions. How do I contact support?

Contact us at [email protected]. We would love to hear from you.