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It is a short link that redirects to a longer URL.

URL redirection occurs when you click one link and it takes you to the website or app page of another link.

It is a link that sends visitors to a specific landing page, not just the home page.

It is a service that takes a long link and creates a new URL that has fewer characters.

The maximum length of a shortened URLs is 22 characters, with the root having a maximum of 6 characters. It can contain numbers and letters.

AppURL is a smart URL shortener. It applies advanced logic like deep linking, mobile deep linking, and deferred deep linking to shortened URLs.

To save characters, create deferred deep links, create custom and trackable digital marketing campaigns, and increase conversions.

An AppURL shortened link will have no more than 22 characters.

The AppURL smart URL shortener is a very powerful tool for marketing, branding, rebranding, A/B testing, and creating multiple URLs for channel segregation. Unlike other smart URL shorteners, AppURL also lets you change the title and preview image of your shortened link. Create custom marketing campaigns without having to change the title and preview image of your website or app.

When you create a deep link for your app, users that click your link will be taken to the appropriate content within the app. If the user doesn’t have the app already, it takes them to the correct app store based on their device so they can download it.

Using a link that takes users to a specific page within a website that is not the website’s home page.

App deep linking, also referred to as mobile deep linking, is using a link that takes a user into a specific location within an app instead of simply opening the home page of the app.

Deep links for app content routes a user to the content even if the app is not installed on their device. The link will first route the user to the appropriate app store to install the app, then redirects the user to the content from the link upon launching the app.

Deferred deep linking is an aspect of mobile deep linking. It allows deep linking to content within an app that has not yet been installed. The connection to the deep link is “deferred” until the app is installed. Once the app has been installed, the deep link connects the user to the appropriate content.

Yes! With AppURL you can create deep links for users that have iPhones, iPads, Androids, and Windows Mobile phones.

You can share your link via SMS text message. When you enable an add-on like ClickSend on your website, users can enter their phone number to get an AppURL link sent to their phone. This is great for people who visit your site on one device, but want to access your link from their phone.

You can integrate your AppURL link with your existing Google Analytics account to access to all of the analytic data that Google Analytics provides.

This is a link to the specific content you want visitors to go to when they click your AppURL link.

This is the link that you want the user to be redirected to if they do not have an app installed. Just enter the link to the app in each app store. AppURL’s advanced logic will determine the type of device the user has and take them to the appropriate app store to install the app. Once the app is installed, they will be directed to your content.

The android package is very easy to find. It is the ID from your google play listing.

Example: “”

Package: “com.innersloth.spacemafia”

The android scheme can be a little more difficult and not all apps have them. Generally speaking you would be looking for something like this:

<data android:scheme=”http” android:host=”” android:pathPrefix=”/gizmos” />

In your AndroidManifest.xml usually located in the “app/src/main/“ folder. Specifically look for “android:scheme” in this case “http” would be your scheme.

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