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AppURL is the simplest, fastest smart URL shortener

The AppURL smart URL shortener is a powerful tool for marketing, branding, rebranding, A/B testing, and creating multiple URLs for channel segregation.

Here are some of the top reasons that users trust AppURL to provide them with the best smart URLs.

Advanced Smart URL Logic

It doesn’t matter what kind of device your target market has. Our advanced logic offers fast redirects making it easy for your marketing initiatives to come to life.

Global Link Management

Whether you’re in the U.S. or abroad, our link shortener is a powerful tool you can use around the world.

Simplified Sharing

Share or invite people to your app with one simple, short link that works with all social media platforms.

Maximized Performance

Take the guesswork out of your campaigns by connecting your Google Analytics account for real-time data.

Safe and Reliable

Every AppURL link is fully encrypted with HTTPS making it secure, reliable, and safe from tampering.


Create shortened, smart URLS in minutes that don’t require software development kits – saving you time on technical implementation.