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Why AppURL SMS Links Can Help Strengthen Digital Learning?
June 27, 2022

Digital learning is so much more than adolescent education. Consumers across the globe have used these years of lockdown to expand their online knowledge. Likewise, their connections to businesses where they hope to learn from with their mobile phones. Companies are also using this solution to more efficiently train their staff. Using AppURL and its option to create SMS Links is a great way to strengthen digital learning. Moreover, the education of your customers and your company.

AppURL SMS links can help strengthen digital learning by quickly connecting your desired audience to your page. It’s important to note that this tactic can be very successful. Yet, you need to understand how these links work in order to use them productively. 

To learn more about AppURL SMS links, including how they work, how to use them, and how they can strengthen digital learning, keep reading! We have everything you need to know right here. 

How Brands Are Embracing Digital Learning in 2022

You first need to understand how and why brands are embracing digital learning. This is before we jump into AppURL and their SMS link strategies and options.

Businesses of all kinds benefit greatly from using digital learning with their staff and their clients. Do you want to use digital learning to better engage your desired audience with your business and product? Do you want to help them learn something new about you? Then SMS links are a highly effective tool for doing so. 

In today’s global community, most people are not reading books. They are in fact learning through Youtube videos. Moreover via podcasts, short clips, and online articles. 

In order to capitalize on this new way to gain knowledge, brands are using SMS links. This is for them to quickly and efficiently get the masses onto their sites to learn. 

So what are SMS links and how do they work?

AppURL SMS Links and Digital Learning

SMS links allow the visitors of your website to immediately click an HTML code. It will then open its messaging app and send a message for which your company will create an immediate response. It is prompting them to either download your app, engage with your page, or purchase a product. 

Connecting with customers via SMS links can and should be a vital part of your marketing strategy. It creates an intimate and immediate relationship with the client. Through this connection, you can quickly educate your desired audience with the knowledge of your business. Additionally, you can encourage them to engage from their mobile phones. 

AppURL creates a shortened URL that when clicked, will either immediately open the messaging or app store on the customer’s phone so they can begin communicating with your business in a more personal and efficient way. 

Examples of SMS Links and Digital Learning in Business

As you now know, digital learning is now an essential part of any business. Customers want to be educated and are generally more interested in learning about the background of a company before using or purchasing its products. 

SMS links and customer education can work hand in hand to ensure your clients are getting what they want quickly and directly to their handheld devices. 

SMS links provided by AppURL are condensed links that are directly linked to SMS messaging. It’s important to note that these links should be easily visible and accessible on your site, not buried in paragraphs of text.

You can use this marketing strategy in many ways, but some of the most popular link options will correlate with one of the following prompts:

  • Asking a question or sending surveys. This option will allow your client or even your staff to feel as though they have a say in your product and business.
  • Link to social media. By sending a direct message with a link to connect to your social media pages, customers are more likely to click the link than if they see it on a webpage. 
  • Encourage them to click immediately. Creating a deadline or expiration date on an article or offer will help ensure the client responds quickly to the message. 
  • Make the offer exclusive. Everyone likes to feel like a VIP, by letting your customer know that by connecting via SMS they are receiving one-of-a-kind offers, they are more likely to engage. 
  • Keep the message clear and concise. With SMS messaging, you are only allowed a 160-character message, so make sure it gets your point across efficiently.
  • Personalize the message. If you know your target audience, it’s important that you personalize the message so they feel as though you are speaking directly to them, as opposed to the masses. 
  • Create a call to action. Every message should have a call to action, whether that be a link to a product, a survey or question, or even encourage them to immediately respond to the message with a code or answer.

SMS links and digital learning can and should go hand in hand if used correctly, and luckily for you and your business, AppURL is here to help!

Partner with AppURL to Elevate Education

SMS links should absolutely be an integral part of your marketing strategy. This is important in order to use your business to elevate the education of your customers,

Customers want to be informed. Research has shown that they greatly appreciate a company that takes the time to educate them efficiently and quickly. 

AppURL will create exactly what you need to launch a successful SMS link campaign, so make sure you explore our page to learn more about how our tiny URLs can make a big difference!

Make AppURL SMS Links Work for You

While you are not quite an expert yet, hopefully, you now understand a little more about how AppURL SMS links can help strengthen digital marketing for your business, including how they do so and why it is so great for your company. 

Remember, learning about SMS links and digital learning is just the tip of the iceberg, you will need professionals such as AppURL to actually make this strategy a reality, but don’t worry, we are just a click away!