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What Are The Limitations of Smart URLs (Smart Links)?
August 31, 2022

The internet is a place much like any in the real world, where parts are swapped out and upgraded over the years to benefit everyone’s user experience. Those seeking to run a business in these environments must stay on top of the latest developments to keep their edge.

Links are one of the oldest pieces of online networks. These web addresses allowed people browsing the world wide web to jump between pages easily. Since then, technology has advanced, and the newest form of links is emerging. Smart URLs have revolutionized the way website owners can direct their visitors; but what are the limitations?

This article will cover smart URLs: what they are, how to use them, and what their limitations may be. If you’re looking to learn more about this online tool, you’ve arrived on the right page.

What Are Smart URLs?

Smart URLs, also referred to as smart links, are tiny links with powerful benefits. When you use a smart URL, you can send users to any page in your site—no matter how deep. Does the link take your visitor to a mobile app they don’t have? A smart URL will send them to the correct app store while saving their destination once the app is downloaded.

That’s only one small feature of a smart URL. Not only does it work as a regular link would, but it also gives you the option to track important metrics. AppURL’s smart URL connects to your Google Analytics account, so you can access real-time data and analytical tools to gain in-depth insight into your site’s key performance indicators (KPI) across all devices and platforms. This helps highlight where your conversion tactics need the most work.

These advanced URLs also offer another useful tool: custom link previews. Custom link previews allow you to change the image, header, and description of your link preview for different scenarios. This adds to the user experience and gives you another lane for enticing a visitor to clicking said link.

To learn about all the features of a Smart URL, check out (yes, that’s an intelligent URL).

How to Use Smart URLs

Using smart URLs is even easier than you could imagine. AppURL has created a system that makes creating and deploying your links simple and efficient. To begin with, you simply copy and paste your original link into the URL shortener. Then, sit back and watch it pump out your brand-new smart URL!

How do you use this smart URL? There is an abundance of possibilities and uses. These can be placed around your site, attached to social media posts, or sent through text messages. These work on any network—anywhere on the globe.

Want to make your smart URLs work for you instead of the other way around? Add your Google Analytics Property Tracking ID to the system and AppURL will send tracking data to your Google Analytics account.

What Are the Limitations of Smart URLs?

With all these uses, it must seem like the possibilities are endless when it comes to smart URLs. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Take it from those who know smart linking the best—it’s important to know your limits!

When it comes to smart links, the elephant in the room is certainly load times. While one or a few smart links actually speed up the user experience, having a large number of them on one page can increase load times. This is detrimental to both user experience and search engine optimization.

Another limitation of smart URLs is that as the owner of a domain, you are responsible for getting more traffic directed toward your site or your link. As powerful as smart link are, they are only as effective as the strategy behind them. The recorded metrics can be powerful tools, but require a good amount of traffic to get useful analytics.

Wondering Where To Get Smart Links?

AppURL is your one-stop shop for smart links that can take your online marketing to the next level.

Attracting visitors to your website is one thing, but turning these visits into conversions is a whole other beast. Marketing seems simple on the surface, but there are always unforeseen challenges. AppURL is an incredibly useful tool for business owners and marketing teams to increase both traffic and conversions.

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