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Use AppURL for Your Conversion Marketing Needs
September 9, 2022

Attracting visitors to your website is one thing, but turning these visits into conversions is a whole other beast. Marketing seems simple on the surface, but there are always unforeseen challenges. AppURL is an incredibly useful tool for business owners and marketing teams to increase both traffic and conversions.

This article will cover what conversion marketing is, explain AppURL, explore its features, and show you exactly why AppURL is the key to pumping those conversion metrics up.

What Are Effective Conversion Marketing Strategies?

A company’s website is often the main channel for connecting with customers. Factors such as SEO, digital advertising, and more are used to attract site visitors. This all falls under the umbrella of marketing. Conversion marketing takes things a step further. This particular type of marketing strategy is concerned with getting visitors to complete an action on the website.

“Conversions” may conjure up the image of a sale, but that isn’t the only action you might be pursuing. Conversion marketing can encourage visitors to sign up for a mailing list, fill out a survey, or do other actions. It’s all about converting existing traffic.

What is AppURL?

AppURL is a smart URL shortener that applies advanced logic to shortened URLs, offering a wide range of features designed to simplify link functionality and improve overall conversions. This powerful tool brings greater efficiency to email and social media marketing, branding/rebranding, website promotion, A/B Testing, and much more.

AppURL utilizes advanced “smart URL” logic to make linking people to your website pages easier than ever. It is built to provide you with customizable links that make converting visitors easy and analyzing metrics even easier. It’s free and completely online, meaning that you and your team can utilize it from anywhere, anytime.

In addition, all AppURL links are HTTPS encrypted to minimize malware or spammer threats so that you can enjoy the powerful marketing capabilities of AppURL with peace of mind.

AppURL Features

AppURL is popular for its wide range of features that make things easier for you and your website visitors. Each feature is designed to give you the versatility to customize smart, tiny URLs quickly to best fit all of your marketing needs.

Deep linking allows you to send users to any page on your site, no matter how deep. This means you can direct visitors to a particular part of your site, rather than the standard home page. Likewise, you can customize a link to open your page in the app store—and once they’ve downloaded it, clicking on the link will automatically continue into the app. 

You can tweak these URLs to fit your exact needs. Prefer a QR code? AppURL can do that. Want a tiny URL? Done. You can even customize the image, header, and description of your link preview without the headache of editing your entire website or app. 

How AppURL Works for Your Conversion Marketing Campaign

While AppURL certainly makes marketing that much easier, it truly shines in the context of conversions. Many of AppURL’s features lend themselves to increasing conversion rates and combined they become a formidable tool.

Let’s look at some of the ways AppURL works for all of your conversion marketing strategies:

Deep linking promotes user downloads. AppURL is designed to identify what type of phone a user has, so when a user clicks on a deep link but doesn’t already have your app installed, AppURL can bring them right to your page on the correct app store – no need to ask for their device type!

Custom link previews as advertising. Are you trying to highlight new content, sales, or promotions? Custom link previews allow you to change the image, header, and description of your link preview for different scenarios.

Share links through SMS. The SMS texting feature lets you share links through SMS text messaging, so users can access your link on one device and send a link to open on another. If a user does not have their phone available, they can still access your link at any time or place and expand the possibilities of increased conversions.

Powerful analytics integration. AppURL’s smart URL connects to your Google Analytics account, so you can access real-time data and analytical tools to gain in-depth insight into your site’s key performance indicators (KPI) across all devices and platforms. This helps highlight where your conversion tactics need the most work.

Find Out More About AppURL

It’s about time you put AppURL to work for you. To read more about AppURL and how it can evolve your conversion marketing campaign efforts, check out our About page!