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5 Ways To Boost Your Marketing With QR Codes
April 4, 2023

Learning how to use QR codes for marketing is essential for businesses in today’s digital-obsessed world. A recent Statista survey found that as many as 89 million smartphone users scanned a QR code in 2022. That’s a whopping 26% increase over just two years prior. 

With numbers expected to go over 100 million users by 2025, QR codes can be the extra kick your marketing needs. QR codes are easy, versatile, and cost-effective, making for invaluable marketing tools that are limited only by your imagination. So, let’s explore more about QR codes and how to use them to boost your marketing.

Marketing with QR Codes: Where to Start

Quick Response or QR codes allow you to embed data in scannable two-dimensional matrix barcodes. Users can access the information with just a quick scan of the pattern using a smartphone scanner app. A QR code generator is fast and easy, allowing you to create QR codes for a broad spectrum of marketing strategies. From web links to product promotions and special offers, QR codes drive users directly to the platforms you want them to use. 

QR codes can be placed almost anywhere, providing additional flexibility to your marketing. The only prerequisite is that a QR code needs to be easily accessible so the user can scan the code without difficulty. Examples of QR code placement include text messages, business cards, shopping bags, advertisements, brochures, direct mail, in-store signage, and much more. No matter where QR codes are placed, they can prove to be powerful marketing tools that can raise your marketing to another level.

5 Ways QR Codes Boost Your Marketing

QR codes can enhance marketing in a wide range of ways. This flexibility that QR codes give you makes them indispensable when designing your marketing campaigns. From product or event details to exclusive offers, QR codes connect customers to information fast. Moreover, consumers are discovering the benefits of scanning QR codes at an ever-growing rate.

As the Statista survey highlights, 45% of shoppers in a June 2021 survey used QR codes to get special offers or other marketing materials. That number is only expected to grow. So, integrating QR codes into your marketing strategy is a no-brainer. Using AppURL creates endless possibilities for how to use QR codes for marketing. So, let’s explore five favorite ways to use QR codes to boost your marketing.

QR Codes Improve Customer Engagement 

QR codes’ popularity is rooted in just how easy the codes are to use, especially when it comes to user engagement. With just one scan, QR codes provide quick and easy access to information about products, services, promotions, or any information you want your customers to see. Other marketing tactics can lead to distracted customers who quickly lose interest before they even get to the information you want them to see. In contrast, fast and easy QR codes maintain customer engagement and keep users focused on your brand and its offerings. 

Consumers are increasingly viewing QR codes as indispensable parts of their digital experience. So, using QR codes effectively lets you maintain high customer engagement levels and keep your marketing on the path to success through an ever more connected digital space. 

Increase Web Traffic With QR Codes

The ease and versatility of QR codes let you reach a wider audience, opening a wide array of web-based marketing opportunities. For example, QR code placement on promotional materials, product packaging, signs, or any form of media lets customers access information that can lead to greater web traffic and, ultimately, sales growth. The QR codes effectively drive customers to your website, landing pages, and special offers.

Social media is also becoming a more important part of consumers’ daily digital habits. So, using QR codes to direct traffic to your social media platforms is a highly effective way to quickly reach a wide audience and build brand or product awareness. In addition, most social media platforms make it easy for users to share information with others, meaning QR codes can reach even more potential customers.

QR Codes Can Enhance Sales and Conversions

QR codes are an effective way to drive your customers to special offers or promotions. For example, a quick scan using a smartphone app can take customers to a landing page that presents them with a special offer and how they can take advantage of it. So, with just a QR code scan, you have put a powerful incentive to buy products or services right into the customer’s hands. 

This ability to spread brand and product awareness while encouraging customers to spend is part of what makes using QR codes for marketing so alluring. So, applying these special offer QR codes to marketing campaigns can bring high conversion rates and tremendous sales growth. The AppURL QR code generator tool is an effortless, cost-effective way to use QR codes to drive customers to offers that enhance sales and conversions so that you can stay on top of your marketing goals.

QR Codes Make Data Collection Easy

One of the benefits you’ll gain when searching for how to use QR codes for marketing is the ease at which you can collect customer data. Data collection lets you create accurate customer profiles you can use to develop more effective marketing strategies. For example, you can create landing pages focusing on basic contact information. You can also gather information about their favorite products, purchasing habits, or other useful information. QR codes are the key to unlocking client information while maintaining a hassle-free customer experience.  

QR codes can be placed anywhere, from printed materials to social media posts, making data collection as easy as one-two-three. First, customers scan a QR code. Then they enter their information on the landing page. Finally, you have valuable customer information that can enhance marketing campaigns and boost sales. 

QR Codes Improve Customer Experience

Connecting your customers to your brand, products, services, reviews, and other information is crucial for your business’s marketing success. QR codes offer customers quick access to information and help to keep them engaged throughout their digital journey. As a result, QR codes improve the overall customer experience. 

Marketing with QR codes can also help create a positive link for your customers to your brand. The more informative and enjoyable the customer experience, the better the chance of high conversion rates and sales growth. So, QR codes allow you to connect with customers, share information quickly, and provide incentives to purchase your products or services. This blend of speed, knowledge, and enticement is the very foundation of the improved customer experience QR codes can offer.

Get Marketing Results With QR Codes 

Learning how to use QR codes for marketing is no longer for only tech-savvy business owners and marketing professionals. QR codes are fast becoming necessities for all. Now is the time to implement QR codes to ensure your future marketing success. 

AppURL’s advanced logic and customizable features help you create QR codes quickly and easily. With QR codes tailored to give your marketing the boost it needs to succeed, you’ll reach a larger audience and enjoy greater sales growth. So, get marketing results like never before and try AppURL’s QR code generator today.