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Why Use a Smart URL Shortener
January 4, 2021

Websites with multiple pages can have lengthy URLs. When you add tracking parameters or complex site structures with hundreds of pages, those links can get really long. A smart URL shortener takes a URL with a long string of characters and makes it much more manageable.

Simple URL shortening is used to save characters. A URL shortener creates a new, shorter link that redirects users to the original page.  Most URL shorteners are used for promoting content within websites.

AppURL is a smart URL shortener that adds another layer of functionality. It allows users to promote both website and in-app content.

A shortened URL is often better for digital marketing campaigns. It is very helpful for people who want to limit the number of characters in their message. Other uses of URL shortening are:

  • For you to “simplify” a long link
  • Be able to “beautify” an unattractive link
  • To track clicks and other key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Lastly, to disguise the original web address
    (NOTE: It is bad practice to use a URL shortener to disguise a web address for reasons that are not legitimate.)

What Is the AppURL Smart URL Shortener

The advanced logic behind AppURL is what makes it a “smart” URL shortener. This logic allows users to customize their marketing campaigns while applying deep linking, mobile deep linking, and deferred deep linking capabilities to their shortened link.

Deep linking allows you to link to a website’s landing page, not just the home page. Mobile deep linking does the same thing within an app. It allows you to direct people to specific content, not just launch the app.

Deferred deep linking is one of the coolest features of AppURL. Before deep linking into the app’s content, it establishes whether or not the user has the app installed. If the app is not installed, AppURL determines the type of device they are using and takes them to the app store that supports that device. Then, they are prompted to download the app. When the app is downloaded, the deep link is connected and the user is directed to the desired in-app content. All of this occurs in just seconds.

AppURL’s links are encrypted with HTTPS. Every measure is taken to ensure that links are not infected with malware. Once a link is created, it cannot be altered or redirected by spammers.

How AppURL Helps Digital Marketing

Customized Digital Marketing Campaigns: Simplified URLs tell customers everything they need to know about your product, service, or website. Customize your title, description, and image for your link preview in your marketing campaigns. AppURL’s customization capabilities could be the difference-maker when inviting someone to click your link.

Increased Conversions: Shorter URLs are more aesthetically pleasing and can help drive conversions. Customized campaigns allow you to easily control your message. Deep linking and deferred deep linking provide users a better experience. All of these lead to increased conversions.

Google Analytics Integration: AppURL can be integrated with Google Analytics so key performance indicators are tracked. This is great for A/B testing so you always know which campaigns are working better than others.

When to Use AppURL

In-App Promotion: Many shortening services are good for website promotion, but not so much for in-app promotion. AppURL’s deep linking and mobile deep linking is what make this service perfect for promoting apps. Users get a great experience and conversions are increased.

Social Media Sharing: Short links are great for sharing social profiles and social media content. Take your audience directly to a social media profile or social media content, or send them to download the app if they don’t have it.

Email Campaigns: Emails are another time to use AppURL if you are driving traffic to in-app content. Embed an AppURL link in the anchor text and take advantage of mobile and deferred deep linking.

KPI Tracking: Use a smart URL shortener when you need to track the efforts of a campaign. For example, you schedule 100 social media posts linking to your content each month. Now you want to know how the campaign is performing. AppURL links are easily integrated with Google Analytics so you can track real-time KPIs in your Google Analytics account. Quickly identify top-performing campaigns and make adjustments.

Multi-Posting: Use a URL shortener when posting a digital marketing campaign across multiple sites. When adjustments need to be made to the campaign, it’s much easier to track and change the customizable attributes of your AppURL link.

When NOT to Use AppURL

Anchor Text: It is not necessary to use a URL shortener when using anchor text within your site. It is also unnecessary when linking from your site to another.  In these cases, you can embed your original link into your anchor text. The user never sees your lengthy link.

Spamming: It is considered a bad practice or “black hat” technique to use a URL shortener for the simple purpose of masking an original URL. There are legitimate reasons to mask URLs, but it is highly discouraged if this is the only reason you are doing it. There are serious consequences for spammers.

To Sum It Up

Using AppURL has these advantages:

  • Links become more attractive and manageable.
  • Shortened links allow Google Analytics integration for real-time analytics to track KPIs.
  • Customizable previews offer opportunities for advanced digital marketing campaigns that convert higher.
  • Increased conversions are the result of mobile campaigns with deferred deep linking.
  • Advanced logic automatically sends users to the right app store depending on their device.
  • Fast and secure redirection.

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