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What Is a Smart URL Shortener
January 4, 2021

A smart URL shortener like AppURL adds features to URL shortening. These features include link tracking and analytics, custom previews, deep linking, mobile deep linking, and deferred deep linking with advanced logic. These are great attributes that digital marketers love.

The Simple URL Shortener

A URL shortener is an easy tool that reduces the character length of a long URL by creating a much shorter one. This shortened URL redirects back to the original URL.

Other names for a URL shortener are link shrinker, link shortener, small link maker, and URL condenser. All of them refer to the same thing. The main purpose is to save characters and to make your links “look better” and easier to share and manage.

People use URL shortening services all the time, especially on social media platforms. When Twitter hit the scene, the character limit for Tweets was only 140 characters. This was problematic when people wanted to share a long link to a web page. The link could easily eat up ¾ of Twitter’s character limit. This problem could be solved with a URL shortener.

URL shorteners also allow users to mask their web addresses.  Affiliate marketers like this capability so they don’t have to show their Affiliate ID in their marketing campaigns.

The Smart URL Shortener

The primary difference between a simple URL shortener and a smart URL shortener like AppURL is the advanced logic behind it. AppURL unlocks another level of digital marketing power with the following capabilities.

1. Link Tracking & Analytics

A link without the ability to track it is a link that is worthless to a digital marketer or social media manager. One of the best ways to track links from click to conversions is with Google Analytics. Our smart URL shortener allows for tracking by integrating with your existing Google Analytics account. Easily access your campaign data from clicks to conversions.

2. Deep Linking

A “deep link” is a URL that directs to a web page that is not the website’s home page, or app content that is not on the home-page of the app. Our smart URL shortener takes any deep-link and creates a shortened link with an instant redirection back to the original link.

For example, this is a “deep link” to our Privacy Policy:

This is the short link using our smart URL shortener that redirects back to the original link:

The shortened deep link takes users to the same web page as the long one, with much fewer characters. It also includes back-end logic that can be integrated with other smart functions.

3. Mobile Deep Linking (also called App Deep Linking)

A “mobile deep link” or “app deep link” is one that contains all the information needed to take a user to a specific location within an app instead of simply launching the app and opening the home page. When a user clicks a link to a website, what normally happens is the website opens in a web browser. Mobile app deep linking allows a corresponding app to open instead of a web browser. This is great for digital marketing campaigns and/or social media campaigns that are driving users to an app instead of a website.

4. Deferred Deep Linking

Deferred deep linking is an advanced aspect of mobile deep linking. It allows for deep linking to content into an app that has not been installed yet.  The connection to the deep link is “deferred” until the app is installed. Once this happens, the deep link connects the user to the appropriate content.

A smart URL shortener like AppURL takes deferred deep linking to the next level with advanced logic. When a deferred deep link is clicked, it automatically determines the type of device the user has. Once the device is determined, it routes the user to the appropriate app store which prompts them to download the app. This all happens in a matter of seconds.

AppURL’s advanced deferred deep linking has been proven to increase user experience and conversions. It is one of the best features any app’s digital marketing campaign could have.

5. Custom Titles and Image Previews

Another unique feature of our smart URL shortener is the ability to create custom titles and preview images.  Create custom description text in your campaigns instead of using default descriptions from your landing pages. Upload custom images for different marketing campaigns without having to make changes to the images in your app or on your website.

6. SMS Add-Ons

Enable ClickSend and users can text your shortened URL to themselves. This is perfect for people to stay engaged with your link while they are away from their devices. They can easily visit your link from the text message they sent themselves once they are back on their device. Conversions are significantly increased with this feature.

The AppURL Smart URL Shortener

AppURL can be used to mask, simplify, shorten, track, or add advanced logic to any lengthy link.  Direct users to your website landing page and/or in-app content.

Our short, smart links can also be used for link tracking and analysis, deep linking, mobile and deferred deep linking, customizing digital marketing campaigns, link management, sharing, promotions, and most importantly, to boost conversions.

It doesn’t matter what type of device your users are using. Create one simple, smart, short URL and let the AppURL smart URL shortener take care of the rest.