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Mobile Marketing: How The Phone Is Still Producing Impressive Conversion Rates
February 10, 2023

While various forms of phone marketing have been in use since the early 20th Century, mobile marketing is an evolving marketing sector that opens new possibilities for business owners and marketing professionals. Let’s look at how you can unlock the power of mobile technology with tools. An example is AppURL,  to create highly effective marketing strategies.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a digital approach to marketing. It connects businesses with potential customers through smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Digital strategies include using websites, text messaging, email, and social media. Apps based on mobile operating systems, such as Apple iOS or Android, also provide a valuable outlet. It is for interacting with consumers through mobile devices. 

Mobile marketing is effective because of its versatility, allowing for a broader reach through your customers’ preferred channels. This is useful from pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) to email. Moreover for SMS, MMS texting, and social media. Custom mobile marketing is an optimal strategy when connecting with today’s evermore tech-savvy consumers. 

That’s where AppURL comes in. AppURL uses advance logic to create simple, short URLs you can use. Basically to redirect users quickly and securely to the web-based destination of your choosing. In addition, AppURL features offer an instant, hassle-free way to access the marketing tools necessary to reap the rewards of winning marketing strategies.

The Different Types of Mobile Phone Marketing

Mobile marketing’s global reach makes it an invaluable part of any marketing plan. Since you can engage with consumers instantly from almost anywhere on earth, you are not hindered by geographic location when marketing digitally. There are various types of phone marketing, each utilizing technology to enhance engagement and conversion rates, no matter how large or small the scope. When combined with AppURL, each phone marketing type builds a better, more effective marketer’s tool kit.

Mobile App

A mobile app provides a direct, personalized marketing channel between you and your customers. They are funneled to an app, download, explore, and maintain the app on their device. In addition, the app offers a familiarity that can create more value for the customer, build more frequent engagement, and bring higher conversion rates.

AppURL’s smart link technology identifies each user’s digital device platform and connects directly to the corresponding platform’s app store. So, whether Android or iOS, users can quickly download the app. AppURL’s deep linking feature uses one simple link to direct users to the content within the app without the added steps of opening the app and searching for the correct content. It makes for a faster and more effective experience for users and marketers.


While people increasingly rely on mobile devices, email marketing remains one of the most consistent and cost-effective ways to reach mobile customers. In addition, email marketing provides another level of engagement that can generate high conversion rates when combined with mobile marketing strategies, whether email newsletters, special offers, or other content.

AppURL’s short URLs and deep linking can provide quick and easy access to what you want customers to see, whether on your mobile app or website. This provides effective conversion rates when pointing customers toward specific pages during marketing campaigns.

Social Media

Social media marketing offers a wide range of marketing options that can create instant feedback, allowing you to measure marketing success quickly. From paid ads to using influencers to showcase a product or service, social media is an increasingly popular mobile marketing strategy that businesses and marketers rely upon to reach the desired audience effectively.

AppURL’s custom link preview feature is ideal for social media engagement, letting you customize link images, headers, and descriptions without completely editing your website or mobile app. Custom link previews are easy to create and post to social media platforms, reaching your target audience quickly and effectively with the content you want them to see.

QR Codes

QR codes are simple, effective, and comparatively affordable ways to drive customers to an app, website, landing page, social media post, offer page, or any link you choose. They can be placed within digital platforms, on business cards, print advertisements, or even on products, providing an instant way for customers to connect with your business. 

When an AppURL’s smart link is created, it also generates a QR code. This lets users quickly scan a single code that will link them directly to content, announcements, or promotions. AppURL’s QR codes are time-savers that make for effective marketing customization and higher conversions.

Search and Location Ads

Search ads appear when mobile users engage with search engines, whether they are searching for products, services, directions, or calling service representatives. These linkable ads provide customers quick access to relevant information and guide them towards outcomes spelled out in marketing goals.

As with search ads, location ads provide a convenient way for customers to access helpful information based on their mobile device usage. Location ads are catered specifically to a user’s location and can help steer customers toward a business or event near them.


Texting is another popular mobile marketing tool that allows you to reach your target audience over mobile cellular networks, and those equipped with wi-fi messaging. Traditional short messaging services (SMS) and multimedia messaging services (MMS) help to engage customers about special offers or announcements. 

AppURL’s SMS texting feature offers a great way to bolster conversion rates. It lets you share a link with users via text messaging, so they can access the link on one device and share it with another. This gives a user access to your link at any time or place, even if they don’t have their phone with them. 

Voice Calls

While voice calling has given way to other more convenient mobile communication options, it is a tried and true marketing method. To be sure, it is one of the oldest phone marketing techniques, yet it can be an invaluable tool when paired with other digital marketing strategies. 

Voice calling can be tricky these days, as customers might have strong feelings for or against unsolicited automated calls. So, some tact is necessary when planning voice calling campaigns to ensure the calls are relevant and acceptable to the consumer. However, even if an automated call, hearing a voice on the other end of the line adds a uniquely human touch that other methods can’t always offer.

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallet marketing is a fairly new strategy. It increases the chance of positive results by stashing special offers digitally in a consumer’s mobile “wallet,”. Perfect example are Apple Wallet and Google Wallet. As a result, customers can access offers with little effort, making them more inclined to spend than traditional methods.

These are just a few of the many mobile marketing types that can deliver timely and effective marketing results. Each is a practical and effective option to consider when formulating and implementing a marketing plan. Yet, when used together, they emerge as invaluable tools that can improve your chance of success. 

Mobile Marketing Benefits

Utilizing various mobile marketing tactics provides business owners and marketing strategists with an array of benefits. This is for both short- and long-term marketing goals. First and foremost is the ever-expanding nature of mobile technology. This provides an endless stream of marketing options tailored to fit any marketing needs. 

Location is a limitation by the scope of your marketing strategies. Mobile marketing provides global marketing capability and greater flexibility to target more specific groups. That’s why no matter their numbers, it is effective. It makes for a more personalized experience. It can offer customers a better sense of familiarity and build longer-lasting, more profitable customer interactions. In addition, mobile marketing lets you deliver content in a timelier fashion. It provides feedback from marketing campaigns much more quickly. 

Mobile marketing provides greater customization and cost-effective strategies that can nudge marketing campaigns into higher levels of success. Performance is the name of the game with mobile marketing. So, with the help of technologies such as AppURL, you can cultivate an impressive return on investment (ROI). You can also continue to grow your business.

AppURL is the Right Decision for Your Mobile Marketing Needs

You don’t need an engineering degree to utilize mobile technology to your advantage when it comes to mobile marketing. You just need the right tools for the job. AppURL lets you create and implement highly successful strategies with easy-to-use features that make for hassle-free mobile marketing. 

AppURL easily connects to your Google Analytics account. It gives you all the analytical tools and real-time data that you need to develop the most effective marketing tactics. From insight into key performance indicators (KPI). It impacts cutting time, cost, and frustration. AppURL’s robust features make it the right decision for all your mobile marketing needs.

Put AppURL to Work For You 

AppURL is a difference maker when creating and executing successful mobile marketing plans in today’s ever-changing business landscape. It is an indispensable tool you do not want to be without as you embark on your marketing enterprises. So, now is the time to use the smart URL creator at AppURL.