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The Hows and Whys of AppURLs Features Like Tiny URL & Deep Linking
July 13, 2022

Lengthy URLs are time-consuming and major sources of frustration. It is when you’re trying to implement new marketing strategies for your website or app. That’s where the powerful AppURL’s features come in. AppURL shrinks long URLs to a manageable size or tiny URL. So, let’s dive into how and why AppURL frees you from inefficient URLs. Moreover, how it lets you focus on achieving your marketing goals.

What is AppURL?

AppURL is a smart URL shortener that applies advanced logic to shortened URLs, offering a wide range of features designed to simplify link functionality and improve overall conversions. AppURL’s highly versatile smart URL also brings greater efficiency to:

  • Speed and Security
  • User Experience
  • Email and Social Media Marketing
  • Branding/Rebranding
  • Website and Mobile Content Promotion
  • A/B Testing
  • Onboarding
  • Multiple URL Creation

AppURL also allows you to customize your shortened link’s title and preview image. So, you can easily change the title and preview image to fit your marketing campaigns. Now, you can do this without ever-changing titles or images on your website or app. In addition, all AppURL links are HTTPS encrypted to minimize malware or spammer threats so that you can enjoy the powerful marketing capabilities of AppURL with peace of mind.

What is a smart URL?

A smart URL is a hyperlink that lets you point users to a specific page of your choosing instead of a standard homepage. As a result, users get the information you want them to have without the time, hassle, and distractions of searching through your website or app to find content. This added customization provides more accurate, trackable data for your marketing campaigns. In addition, AppURL’s smart URL can make conversions easier and more effective. 

AppURL Features

AppURL’s use of advanced logic and unique customization capabilities open the door to a wide range of powerful features, each designed to give you the versatility to customize smart, tiny URLs quickly and easily to best fit all of your marketing needs. These powerful AppURL features are indispensable tools that take your marketing capabilities to another level.

Website Deep Linking

AppURL’s website deep linking lets users skip past a homepage to go directly to a specific landing page. It saves the user the time and frustration of searching through a website to find the desired content. This creates a better user experience and increases conversions. Website deep linking is especially helpful to direct users towards specific pages during marketing campaigns boosting conversion rates even further. 

In-App Deep Linking

AppURL’s smart link provides in-app deep linking, so links send users directly to the mobile content you want them to see instead of simply opening the app. Unlike other URL shorteners, AppURL easily configures mobile URIs for deep linking no matter the device platform. So, one link does it all.

For those who do not yet have your app, deep linking is a unique tool that directs users to download the app before proceeding with the link. AppURL automatically identifies the user’s device platform, whether iOS or Android and connects directly to the appropriate app store. Then, after the user downloads the app, the link connects them to the desired content. The entire process only takes a matter of seconds. 

Custom Link Previews Make Marketing Easier

Custom link previews are AppURL features that allow you to customize the image, header, and description of your link preview without the headache of editing your entire website or app. These link previews make marketing easier than ever and are perfect for highlighting new content, sales, or promotions.

Analytics Integration 

AppURL’s smart URL connects to your Google Analytics account, so you can access real-time data and analytical tools to gain in-depth insight into your site’s key performance indicators (KPI) across all devices and platforms. In addition, AppURL gives you the flexibility to use Google Analytics and UTM codes more easily to develop the marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) tactics that ensure success. 

SMS Texting Helps Make Conversions Easier

The SMS texting feature lets you share links through SMS text messaging, so users can access your link on one device and send a link to open on another. Just enable add-ons such as ClickSend to allow users to type in their phone number and send an SMS text message with AppURL’s smart URL. So, if a user does not have their phone available, they can still access your link any time or place at their convenience and expand the possibilities of increased conversions.

QR Codes and Tiny URLs

A QR code is also created when you create your AppURL smart link. This lets users scan a single code to link them directly to the content you want them to see quickly and easily. QR codes are another of AppURL’s time-saving features that add another layer of customization to marketing campaigns and make conversions easier.

How to use AppURL

AppURL is not only packed with features that deliver better user engagement and behavior flow, yet it also is easy to use. As a result, you’ll have a simplified smart URL that can bolster marketing campaigns and deliver a substantial uptick in conversions in just a few short steps:

  1. Enter your link in the AppURL shortener tool to create a shorter, smart URL.
  2. Customize your link, including the title and preview
  3. Point your new smart URL to the in-app content you want to feature.
  4. Enable add-ons, such as Google Analytics and ClickSend.

That’s all it takes to have a shortened URL working for you to enhance analytical integration, strengthen campaigns, and create a higher rate of conversion. Using AppURL is fast and secure, giving you a flexible tool you can rely on to make marketing easier and more successful.

Evolve Your Website and Applications With AppURL

AppURL features provide fast and secure redirection for users no matter the device type and give you instant, hassle-free access to powerful marketing tools. As a result, you can unlock a new level of possibilities for your websites and apps. So, start now to create shorter, faster, and smarter URLs with AppURL.